We offer easy returns on our products. Returns can be made within 15 days days under our Money Back Policy or through buybacks and exchanges. The conditions applicable to these have been attached as under. Further, if your product is eligible for a return, contact us and the return procedure will be initiated. All the returns will be facilitated by Sequel itself. Products without the original certificate and invoice will not be accepted. In any event, the
certificate is misplaced, the company will facilitate the recertification process. All the expenses for the same shall be borne by the customer, and not the company.

Lifetime Buybacks and exchanges
The company offers lifetime exchanges and buybacks on certain products, subject to conditions laid down herein. The discount granted on making charges at the time of purchase shall not be considered at the time of calculating the exchange or buyback value. However, if any discount was offered on the diamond, the same shall be deducted. At the time of exchange, if the exchange value is higher than the original value, the customer shall pay the difference. If it is lower than the original value, the difference amount shall be given as credit for future purchases. The product returned shall be in the same state as delivered. Any alteration will adversely affect your eligibility for buybacks and exchanges. This policy is not applicable for international orders.
Note- The term ‘Lifetime’ used for Buybacks and Exchanges shall be construed as ‘till the Company is in existence in the eyes of law’. Costs will be calculated with the current prevailing rate of the diamond and metal.

Refund Policies
The Company has adopted a 15 Day Money Back Policy, whereby full refunds are guaranteed for returns made within 15 days, No-Questions Asked. This policy is not applicable in case of customised jewellery. The amount paid will be directly credited to the original payment source of the customer in case of returns. In case of other refunds, 8-13 days of time is required for the realisation of the principal amount.

Resizing and Repairs
We offer easy repairs and resizing services. Resizing and Repairs will be free of cost unless additional metal is required for the same. In any case the cost of the resized ring exceeds the previous one, the additional amount has to be borne by the customer itself, and in case the ring costs less than the previous one, the difference shall be refunded within 8-13 working days. We also facilitate repairs and replacements. The determination of the same is at the discretion of the company and not the customers. Shipping charges are applicable to these services, at the cost of the customer.
International Orders Post shipping services namely, Buyback, Exchange, Resizing and Repairs shall not be
available for customers in case of International shipping.