10 Best Rings To Shop This Festive Season

Looking for some out-of-the-box stuff in real diamonds?

Sparkle has got you covered with its u shape grand ring, it is very stylish and simply stands out .

It is traditionally known as a vanki ring typically worn in the south. It can be worn near your knuckles as well.

Gw -2.96 grams

Dw- 0.28 ct

Price – starting from 26332/- only 

Diamond Bow Ring

This ring is super cute and is an everyday addict. It can be worn in any occasion as well. Its is super sleaky and consist very minimal amount of gold and diamond so it is budget friendly as well

Gw- 1.17 grms

Dw – 0.20 ct 

Price – starting from 14548/- only 

Little Heart Ring 

Who doesnot love hearts in their jewellery ! Presenting you the little heart ring , it consists of a very small heart in the middle filling your finger to an extent and the diamonds on the side and a center stone on the inside of the heart makes it look elegant. 

Gw -1.25 grms

Dw- 0.11 ct

Price – starting from 10738/- only 

TIara elegant ring

Fan of tiaras? We got you covered without a tiara elegant ring. The look it gives to your finger is mesmerizing and feels exact the same as a tiara on a finger. 

Gw- 1.28 grams

Dw- 0.08 ct

Price  – starting from 7748/- only

Spring dweller belle ring

This ring stands out due to its wide structure and and the center opening between the two diamond rays. It fills your finger and also looks like a solitaire due to the cluster in the middle 

Gw -1.64 grms

Dw- 0.15 cts

Price – starting from 14351/- only 

Fire helix ring

The center synthetic colour stone adds beauty to the whole ring. Moreover the double crossover band makes the ring look bigger and supports the center stone. 

Gw -2.52 grms

Dw- 0.24 ct

Price – starting from 22493/- only

Greenstone embellished stunner ring

Another  synthetic colour stone ring makes it to the list. This time the shape of the stone is marquise. This is for those who love fancy shape instead of the traditional rounds. 

Gw -2.21 grms

Dw- 0.16 ct

Price – starting from 17386/- only

Heart in hand ring

This ring looks very sleek with the curve below the heart and is an everyday candidate. Also is come to a very affordable price with respect to diamonds

Gw -1.48 grms

Dw- 0.07 ct

Price – starting from 9921/- only

Jazzy Oak Leaf Ring

This ring has minimal diamonds and also the leaf shape given to this ring is unique in its own way. The emptiness in the middle lets the ring look much clearer and enhances the skin beneath it as well. 

Gw -2.48 grms

Dw- 0.05 ct

Price – starting from 13506/- only

Fleurgeous Nouvelle Ring

Ever wondered how a curved ring look like. Well this ring is completely different with respect to the base used in it and also the flower which have alternate diamond petals enhances the beauty and totality of this ring.

Gw -1.91 grms

Dw- 0.15 ct

Price – starting from 15569/- only

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