Tips For Buying Diamond Jewellery online on E-commerce platforms

Diamond jewelry aligns with trust. As a result, many people tend to buy diamonds by venturing into stores. Although they are not aware what are the benefits of buying diamond jewelry online with a sense of trust as well.

  1. Certified diamonds 

Whenever you buy diamond jewelry online, check whether the firm is using certified stones in its jewelry. The diamonds are certified through trusted internationals labs like GIA & IGI. The certification builds trust in the individual, proving that the diamonds are 100% real and natural, Also the quality of the diamond is mentioned in the certificate. Sparkle uses 100% certified jewelry, All our jewelry comes with an IGI certificate proving that the diamonds are 100% real.

  1. Return&exchange policy.

Return policy ensures trust among the buyers as the product may not meet their expectations. Sparkle offers 15 days of free money-back returns if the product doesn’t meet your expectations. Although jewelry at sparkle is precisely manufactured with utmost care and quality checks. Sparkle also offers lifetime exchange and buybacks. You can exchange your old Sparkle product for a new one or else you can also encash it. 

  1. Best prices & services

The main advantage of shopping online is the price of the diamonds being laid. In offline stores, they incur a huge overhead cost and that cost is being added to their selling price. Being an online brand we don’t incur these overheads and hence we directly pass these benefits onto the customers. Moreover, at Sparkle, we tend to offer the lowest price available in the markets with certified jewelry. 

  1. Bis hallmark

Whenever you shop online, you should also check if the gold is hallmarked or not. This gives assurance that the gold is purely 18 kt or 14 kt whichever is used. The hallmark id is being inscribed on the backside of the jewelry. Jewelry at sparkle is always bis hallmarked either in 14 kt or in 18 kt gold depending on the type of order. 

  1. Free&Secured shipping

It is necessary that the product is being securely shipped to your address. Sparkle is in collaboration with Sequel- India’s best-secured shipper. We offer free and secured shipping directly at your doorstep. Just an identity proof of the customer will be required for the product to be handed over to you.  Lets sparkle 

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